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Create web forms and email forms with out the needs of a programming knowledge .
Create & Design Online Web Forms Using A Form Builder
FormLogix is a form builder tool that enables the creation of online web forms.
These forms may be used as local/internal forms to manage information, or may be defined as 'public forms' and embedded in a web site or blog.
The form creator does not require any download or installation, and the user can access his form to alter it and manage his/her data from anywhere.

It is a simple task to design forms using the FormLogix form builder:
- All a user needs to do is Drag & Drop the elements in to the design area and place them as he/she wishes. .
- Our form builder is a highly sophisticated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool and so the user can see what his form is going to look like every step of the way.
- This form creation method allows the user to concentrate on the form design, without having to deal with creating the code behind it.
- The design method is extremely flexible and is not confined to a table structure (For example: a user may place an element on top of another if he/she wishes to).
Create form by Drag and Drop
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