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Online Free Form Builder - Policy
FormLogix is a professional online form builder offering Free ready made web widgets, a Free 7-day Trial version and a Pro version.

Free Form Widgets
FormLogix offers the use of absolutely free ready-made form widgets, which can be used online as email forms embedded in your website or blog.
There is no limit to the number of forms you can use, the time frame you can use them for, or the number of submissions that may be entered in each form.
Check out our online form widgets.
Free Trial Version
Once signing in to our service the new account owner may enjoy our Free Version, in
which the forms may be used for a period of 7 days. During this trial version the form fillers will be able to enter unlimited submissions in the forms and almost all features will be available.

Once the 7-day Free Trial period is over all forms in the account will no longer be active. The account and all forms in it will be expired until a subscription is purchased.
What does the FormLogix free online form builder trial version have to offer?
(A LOT! - following is a brief rundown of)

Our free form builder version consists of the following features and options:
free form builder - 7 day trial.
free form builder - Creating unlimited number of forms.
free form builder - Unlimited submissions made by form owner only.
free form builder - Unlimited elements per form.
free form builder - 5 form publishing methods: as URL, Iframe, Script, Link and Mail.
free form builder - An email alert upon each new data entry.
free form builder - Detailed email form alerts for form owners.
free form builder - Bcc and Mailing list.
free form builder - All data entries accumulated in to an automatically generated report.
free form builder - Shared Reports.
free form builder - Data sort.
free form builder - Forms restore.
free form builder - 'Powered by FormLogix' on the forms and emails.

What will change once 7 days have passed since I registered?
Once the 7-day free trial version is over all forms will be expired.

What will change after 60 days have passed since I registered?
If no forms are purchased for 60 days (starting from registration date) the account
may be shut down permanently according to the "Automatic account cleanup and termination" policy (detailed below).

What is the automatic account cleanup and termination policy?
FormLogix may apply an automatic account cleanup and termination policy.
Read all about it in our TOS.

Pro Version
(How can i upgrade my free form builder account to a fully functional one?)
Starting with $11.99 a month you can purchase a FormLogix subscription and start collecting data through your forms.

FormLogix offers 2 subscriptions (depending on your needs)

Upgrade your account by choosing one of the 2 subscription:
1. Professional
2. Elite
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Payments are secured and powered by PayPal,
we don't store your credit cards information.

** FormLogic reserves the right to change any changes in the version policies mentioned above.
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