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User Information

>  Registered. can't loggin.
>  Forgot my password.
>  Change password.
Form Creation

>  How do I add custom html to my form?
>  How do I create a repeated control?
>  How do i change the form name?
>  How do i change the form width and height?
>  How do i create a form based on a template?
>  How do I delete a form?
>  How do I align several elements in the form?
>  How do I select more than one element in the

>  Are there keyboard shortcuts in the form builder?
>  What is a linkform element?
>  How do I modify the radio button or listbox items?
>  How can I embed the form inside my website?
>  How can I create an auto response message?
>  How do I make the post submit url open in a
    blank page?

>  Why doesn't the 'Thank you Message' appear
    when my form is submitted?

>  How do I add a form in an Iframe to my
    WordPress blog?

>  How do I add a rollover effect to the form?
>  How do I add hidden fields to the form?
>  How do I create a 'Tell a Friend' form?
>  How do I add a print button to my form?
>  How do I add an Image Submit Button to my
>  How do I collect money with my form?
Data Management

>  How do i add data to my form?
>  How do i change the report captions?
>  How do i export my data?
>  How do i add new data when choosing data
     through link form control?

>  How do i filter data?
>  How do i attach a remark to a specific row?
>  How do i delete a row?
>  How do i view charts based on my data?
>  How do i save a filter?
>  How do i open a saved filter?
>  How do i quickly open a filter?
>  How do i share my data?
>  How do i publish my form to the world?
>  Can i get notifications when a form is filled?
    ( Email Form )

>  When i export to excel the results are in gibrish.
     How do i change that?

>  What is the file upload size limit and what
     are the permitted file types?

>  Why is the field order in my emails not the
     same as the field order in the form?

>  how do I disable email notifications from my
     web form?

>  how do I reset the RowId number of the
    data entries in the report?

>  how do I import back the data i exported
    from FormLogix?

>  Why doesn't the export window open?