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How do I add hidden fields to the form?
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If you wish to add comments to your form entries, but do not want your form fillers to be aware of it you can do so by adding hidden fields to your form.
Hidden fields are elements situated in a container and are visible to the form owner only.
Following are steps to add hidden fields to the form:

1- Open the form you would like to add hidden fields to.
2- Drag a container element in to the form. Find an empty space in your form and change the container size and location according to it.

Drag Container

3- Select the container and go to its settings. Turn on the 'Private Access' checkbox and press on 'apply'.

Private Access

4- Drag elements in to the container - these will be the hidden elements.
5- Save the form.

Drag Elements To Container

6-The fields will not appear on a published form - a form filler will not be aware of them (you can make sure the fields are hidden by using the 'Preview' option or by publishing the form).

Form Filler

7- Add your comments to the data entries: Enter the form's data management report and open an entry for edit. You will be able to see the hidden fields and fill them in.

Entering Data Privatly
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