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How do I collect money with my form?
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Collecting Payments through your form may only be done using the "payment integration" option, In which the payment process is carried out by a third party of your choice (PayPal, Google checkout, Swreg, Moneybookers).

* Please note that trying to collect payments using a FormLogix form in other ways (not using the "payment integration" option) is forbidden according to the FormLogix T.O.S.

Following are steps to collect money with the form:
1- Create your form and save it - You can not add 'payment integration' to the form if it is not saved.
2- Open the "Payment Integration" window from the "form settings".
3- Choose one of the payment methods (PayPal, Swreg, Google checkout or Moneybookers).
You will need to set up a merchant account at the chosen site in order to use this option.
4- Press on the "Continue" button.
5- Fill in the required information.
6- Press on "Finish".
7- Save the form.
Read more about Payment Integration.

Payment Integration
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