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How do i create a form based on a template?
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Templates are ready made forms which you can use "as is" or change according to your liking. FormLogix has a template gallery which you can choose from and it consists of contact forms, order forms, registration forms and more.

Following are steps to create a form based on a template:
1- Go to the template gallery by pressing on the "Create Form Based on Template" link in the data center

Create a form based on template

by pressing on the "New Page From Template" icon in the form builder (Top toolbar-Main section).

New page from template

2- In the template gallery: Press on the "View" link to see the template on the right.
3- Press on the "load" link to open the template in the form builder.

View and load template

4- The template will then open in the form builder and you will be able to change it as you wish (add/remove fields, change colors, fonts, add images etc).
5- Give the form a name (notice that the template opens with a default name) and press 'apply'.
6- Save the form.

Opened template in the form builder
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