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How do I create a repeatable control?
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A repeatable control, also known as Multi Line Mode, is a dynamic control that allows the form owner to create a row that consist of one/many elements and enables the form filler to enter as many data rows a he needs to. (for example: a control for collecting users' children details and allows each user to enter a different number of children.)

In order to add this control you need to:
1- Drag a 'multi line mode' element on to the design area. ( Multi Line Mode ) and drag controls into it.

Drag Multi Line Element
Notice that the control is made out of 2 containers (one inside the other) and 2 buttons: add & remove.

2- Start dragging the elements in to the Multi Line inner container.

Drag Elements in to Multi Line Element

3- You can change the style of the control if you like: Border width/height (make sure the outer border is always bigger than the inner border)
Background and font colors, button text and style, container border style etc.

Change style of Multi Line Element

4- The end result will look like the image below. The form filler will be able to fill in the fields and press on 'Add' to fill in another row.

Filling in the Multi Line Element

5- Once a new row will open you the form filler will need to scroll down to it in order to fill in data.

Filling in the Multi Line Element
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