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How can I create an auto response message?
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The auto response is an email which is automatically sent to the form filler upon his form submission. The auto response email may contain a carbon copy of the entered data (regular email) or customized email content (custom email).

Following is a step by step direction on how to add an auto response feature to your form:
1- Open your form in the form creator.
2- Stand on the email element in your form. If you do not have an email element in the form, just add one.
3- In the 'element setting' on the right – turn on the "Send Copy" checkbox and press on 'apply'. (This will turn on the 'auto response' feature, and subsequently send an email to the email address collected through the form).

Send Copy

4- Go to the "form settings" (above the element settings) and write your message in the "Email User Message" text box. (This will allow you to add your message at the begging of the carbon copy email).
If you wish to add a few rows of text in the message textbox, please put a [n] between them. For example: Thank you very much for filling in my form.[n]This is a copy of your data.

Change user message

Press on the "apply" button.
5- You can customize the entire auto response email by using the 'Custom User Email' option.
6- Save the form.
7- Publish the form.
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