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How do I add data to my form
Clicking on ( HTML ) "add entry" in the reports page allows adding data to your form.
How do I change the report captions?
When you design a page in form creator there's a property for each data control named
"Caption". The value in this field also appears as report caption/header in the report page.
You can access this option and change it in the property grid (element settings section) once the control is selected.
How do I export my data?
To export the data in the report table (in the report page) open the toolbox section
(by clicking on the toolbox header) and click on the (HTML ) Export button.
Export options: Excel, XML, PDF Tabular, PDF Tabular, PDF Continues, Report - Tabular, Report - Continues, Google Spreadsheet, Google Maps.
More on how to export.
How do I add new data when choosing data through link form control?
When you open the link form data list, you can click on ( HTML ) add entry button to add more data to the link form list
How do I filter data?
Filtering data is done from the toolbox (in the reports page) by choosing the ( HTML ) Filter option, filling in the desired filter terms, and clicking on ( HTML ) button.
More on how to filter.
How do I attach a remark to a specific row?
Click on > in the Tools column on the row you want to add remark to and then choose "Remarks" option.
How do I delete a row?
Click on > in the Tools column on the row you want to delete to and then choose "Delete" option.

More on how to delete a data entry.
How do I view charts based on my data?
Creating charts is done from the toolbox (in the reports page) by choosing the ( HTML ) Chart option, filling the desired chart parameters and clicking on ( HTML ) button.
More on how to create a chart.
How do I save a filter?
Saving Filter is done from the toolbox (in the reports page) by choosing the ( HTML ) Filter option, and then clicking on " > Save " button.
More on how to save a filter.
How do I open a saved filter?
Opening a saved filter is done from the toolbox (in the reports page) by choosing the ( HTML ) Filter option, and then clicking on " > Open " button. This opens a window with the list of all the saved filters.
From this list you can open the desired saved filter.
How do I quickly open a filter?
You can quickly open a filter by:
A) Entering the report page and pressing on the "open" option in the "toolbox".
B) Using the filter's shortcut from the data center. If you saved a filter and checked the "Create shortcut?" checkbox in the 'save' window, a shortcut to this filter will be created and will appear in the Data under your form.
How do I share my data?
To share your data you must first save it. When you use the "save" option in the toolbox be sure to turn on the "share" checkbox in the filter's "save" window.
After the filter/chart is saved use the "share" option in the toolbox to copy the url/iframe code of the public report/chart. Once you save the change you can also open the filter's properties window. A link will appear next to the "share" text, leading to the public report/chart.
More on sharing the data.
How do I publish my form to the world?
To publish your form to the world you first need to define the form as a public form in the form creator's "form settings" and then embed it in your web site.
More about publish options.
Can I get notifications when a form is filled ( Email Form )?
When your form is set as a public form then you automatically get an email notification
when someone fills it in from a public link.
When i export to excel the results are in gibrish. How do i change that?
Actually this is a bug with Excel where it doesn't recognize your language. All you need to do is:
Open the Excel (after you export the data).
Go to menu 'Tools'-> choose 'options'-> 'general'-> 'web options'-> 'encoding' –> choose UTF-8 or your own language.
What is the file upload size limit and what are the permitted file types?
File Size
There is a file upload limit of 1.5mb.
File Types
There are certain types of files which are not allowed to upload (due viruses and other worms).
This is a list of the allowed file types:
gif, jpeg, png, jpg, tiff, pdf, xml, htm, html, txt, doc, xls, pff, rtf, zip, mp3, avi, wav, wma, rar, xlsx, docx, dwg, skp.
Why is the field order in my emails not the same as the field order in the form?
When a form is created the fields are visually placed in a certain order (usually from top to bottom and left to right).
This order is only visual - and this is why the fields showing in emails sent through the form may not be the same order.
In order to control this field order you need to define a tab index.
Once a tab index number is defined for every field (in ascending order starting with 1) the fields will then be indexed and this order will appear in the form emails as well.
How do I disable email notifications from my web form?
Whenever a form is filled the form owner/manager receives an email notifying him of a new data entry - this email is sent by default.
If a form owner decides to disable this option he may do so by checking the "Disable Emails" checkbox in the form settings. This option disables only emails sent to form owners and does not affect the emails sent to form fillers (with the send copy option) or to other email addresses (defined in the mailing list).
How do I import back the data i exported from FormLogix?
When you export your data from FormLogix to Excel it is saved in an HTML format.
In order to import this data back to your report you must first turn it back to XLS format.
1 - Open the file in Excel.
2 - Save the file as .xls.
3 - Import the data back to FormLogix
Why doesn't the export window open?
If once trying to export your data (using one of our export options) the export pop up window does not open you will need to change your ie browser's security settings. The reason for this is that the explorer browser is set to identify and block a pop up window that tries to open a file.
steps to change this setting:
1- Go to: Internet options --->Security --->Custom level --->settings --->downloads.
2 - Set automatic prompting for file download to enabled.
3 - Save setting and close all dialog boxes.