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How can I embed the form inside my website?
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If you want to embed the form in your website so it looks like an integral part of it you will need to use the 'Publish' feature and choose either the 'Script' or the 'Iframe' option.
Following are the steps to embed the form in a website:

1- Get the webpage ready. Decide on the location and size (and look) of the form you wish to embed before hand.

Embed In Webpage

2- Enter the form builder.
3- Create a form according to your plan (with a certain background, in a certain size etc).
4- Save the form and make sure that it is marked as 'public' in the 'form settings'.

Create and Save

5- Press on the 'preview' icon in the upper toolbar - 'main' section to test the form.

Preview Test

6- Press on the 'publish' icon in the upper toolbar - main section and choose the 'script' option.

publish Form To Embed

7- Paste the generated code in your webpage HTML code.

Paste Code

Watch a tutorial about embedding a form
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