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How do I add custom HTML to my form?
  Adding custom HTML is as simple as adding any other element.
Just drag this element: ( HTML ) from the toolbar to the design area.
Once the element is selected, type your HTML string (or paste it) in the source property of the Element Settings.
How do I copy the HTML of the form?
Clicking on ( Show HTML Icon ) will open a popup with the HTML of the form.
How do I create a repeated control?
In order to create a repeated control all you need is to create a repeatable controls container ( Multi Line Mode ) and drag controls into it.
How do I change the name of the form?
You can change the form name in the form settings property grid which is located
in the top right area.
This area allows you to change all of the form properties.
How do I change the width/height of the form?
You can change the form width/height in the form settings property grid which is
located in the top right area.
This area allows you to change all of the form properties.
How do I create a form from template?
Go to the Templates Gallery, choose the template you want to create the form from and click on the load link.
This operation will load the form creator form with the chosen template.
How do I delete a form?
To delete a form click on ( HTML ) when no control is selected.
How do I align several elements within a form?
To align the selected controls click on one of the following buttons:
Align Left  Align Left
Align Center  Align Center
Align Right  Align Right
V Align Top  Align Top
V Align Middle  Align Middle
V Align Bottom  Align Bottom
How do I select more then one element?
To select more than one element use the control keyboard button and click on a control to add the control to the selection.
Do you have keyboard shortcuts?
There are several keyboard shortcuts:
F8 --> Shows the HTML of the form.
Delete --> deletes selected controls or the form if no control is selected.
CTRL + A --> Selects all controls on the form.
CTRL + S --> Saves the form.
CTRL + O --> Opens form.
CTRL + P --> Prints the form.
CTRL + N --> New application.
CTRL + F --> New form.
CTRL + D --> Opens data center for the form.
What is a linkform element?
Link form control enables one to connect between data of forms ( LinkForm Icon ).
It allows one to select data entered in one form as a field in another.
How do I edit/add list/radio button items?
To edit/add list/radio button items select the control to be worked on, and click on ( HTML ) (on the setting area) to open the items area.
How do I embed my form inside my web site?
To embed a form in your web site you have 2 options:
1) Add a link to the form page from your site
2) Add an iframe that points to the form page in the relevant web page.
To find out what is the form's url click on ( HTML ) in the forms creator page.
How can i create an auto response message to a user who fills in my form?
This is a step by step direction to do this:
1) open your form in the form creator.
2) Stand on the email element in your form. If you do not have one in the form, just add one.
3) In the element setting on the rights – check the "Send Copy" checkbox and press on the "apply" button under it.
(This will send the carbon copy mail to email address entered in the email field).
4) Go to the "form settings" (above the element settings) and write your message in the " Email User Message" text box.
(This will allow you to add your message at the begging of the carbon copy email).
If you wish to add a few rows of text in the message textbox, please put a [n] between them.
For example-2 row message: Thank you very much for filling in my form.[n]This is a copy of your data.
Press on the "apply" button.
5) save the form.
6) publish the form.
How can i change the post submit of the iframe/script to open in a blank page
instead of in the actual form?
Forms that have a post submit url and are published as iframe/script always show the post submit url inside the form window container.
If you wish for the post url to be shown in a blank page (instead of in the in the form container) you need to do the following:

1) Create a new blank web page in your website (Name the page: gateway.html)
This page should remain blank apart from this code which should be placed between the webpage's 'Head' tags:

window.parent.location.href = '';

For example: Gateway page

2) Create a a thank you page on your website (Name the page: thankyou.html)
This will be your actual thank you page so place all your text and graphics in this page.

3) Go to 'Form Setting' and fill the 'Post Submit URL' textbox with the url
of the gateway page -
Why doesn't a "thank you message progress bar" appear when my form is submitted?
When the form width and height are smaller than the "thank you message progress bar" a user will get a simple "Form Submitted" window instead.
If you wish to make the "thank you message progress bar" appear please consider increasing your form dimensions to more then 155px in height and 285px in width.
How do i add a form in an Iframe to my WordPress blog?
Adding a FormLogix form as an Iframe to your blog is simple. First step is creating the form in the form creator and publishing it. Second step is embedding the form in WordPress blog. Read more on how to add a form to WordPress.
How do i add a rollover effect to my form?
The form creator enables a rollover effect on a container element. All you need to do is:
1) Select the container element
2) Go to the container settings
3) Enter a color in the 'On Mouse Over' field, and a different color in the 'On Mouse Out' field.
4) Press on 'apply' and save the form.
As a result when hovering over the container element in the finished form one will see one color and when moving the cursor away from the container one will see another color.
How do i create hidden fields in the form in order to add private data to each entry?
The container element enables turning the fields placed in it to a 'hidden' mode.
When this is done than the fields do not appear on the published form, but can only be seen and filled in by the form owner.

Steps to add hidden fields to the form :
1) Open the form you would like to add hidden fields to. 2) Drag the container element in to the form. Find a blank space in your form and change the container size and location according to it.
3) Select the container and go to its settings. Turn on the 'Private Access' checkbox and press on 'apply'.
4) Drag the wanted fields in to the container.
5) Save the form.
**The fields do not appear on a published form - you can check that by publishing the form.
6) Enter the form's report and open an entry for edit. You will be able to see the hidden fields and fill in data.
How do i create a "tell a friend" form?
The "tell a friend" form is extremely easy to create.

Steps to create a "tell a friend" form :
1) Enter the form creator.
2) Drag a Label element in to the design area and enter text explaining what the form is about. For example: Please enter your friends email address in order to recommend this site to him/her.
3) Drag another Label element and enter the text "Friends email address".
4) Drag an Email element, place it next to the label and go to its element settings.
5) Enter the text "Friends email address" in the element "caption" field.
6) Make sure that it's defined as mandatory and that its "Send Copy" checkbox is turned on. This checkbox is in charge of sending an email to the address entered by a user in the email element.
7) Go to the "Form Settings" and fill in a message in the "Email User Message" field. This message will appear at the beginning of the email sent to friends.
Make sure you use [n] when you want to create a line break. For example: Hi,[n]I wanted to tell you about this great site i found[n]Its called FormLogix.
8) Add a submit button. 9) Save the form.
How do i add a "print" button to my form?

Steps to add a "print" button to your form :
1) Enter you form in the form creator.
2) Drag an "HTML" element in to the design area.
3) Goto the "HTML" elemet settings (on the right side).
4) Paste the follwing code in the "Source" field:

5) Press on "Apply".
6) Save the form.
How do i add an image submit button?

Steps to add an image submit button to your form :
1) Create your button image and upload it to your website or any other hosting service. 2) Enter you form in the form creator.
3) Drag an "HTML" element in to the design area.
4) Goto the "HTML" elemet settings (on the right side).
5) Paste the follwing code in the "Source" field:

6) Press on "Apply".
7) Save the form.
How can I collect money with my form?

Payment may only be integrated in your form using the "payment integration" option,
in which the payment process is carried out by a third party (PayPal, Google checkout, Swreg, Moneybookers).
* Please note that collecting payments using a FormLogix form without using this option is forbidden according to the FormLogix T.O.S.

Steps to collect money with the form:
1) Create your form and save it.
2) Open the "Payment Integration" window from the "form settings".
3) Choose the payment method (PayPal, Swreg, Google checkout or Moneybookers).
You will need to set up a merchant account at the chosen site in order to use this option.
4) Press on the "Continue" button.
5) Fill in the required information.
6) Press on "Finish".
7) Save the form.
Read more about Payment Integration.