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What is a linkform element?
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The linkform element is a special control that links between 2 forms. This element enables a form owner to create a custom list made out of fields from another form.
Following are steps to use the linkform:

1- Enter the form builder.
2- Drag a linform element from the upper toolbar (elements section).

Drag Linkform

3- While the element is selected - go to the 'element settings' on the right and change its caption text and tab index number.

Change Linkform Caption

4- Press on the 'Link Data' picker button to choose the form you want to link to and the fields you want to show (in this example we are linking our field to another form called 'friends' and we want the fields: 'name', 'marital status' and 'age' to appear in the list).

Fill in Linkform Data

5- When someone fills in the complete form he will open the linkform (friends custom list) and choose from all the friends that were entered in the 'friends' form.

Choosing From Linkform
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