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How do I modify the radio button or listbox items?
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The radio button and the listbox are both elements that consist of 2 or more items to choose from. When using either the listbox or the radio button you will need to create an item list (in exactly the same way).

Following are steps to Add/modify the listbox or radio button items list (demonstrated on a listbox):

1- Select the radio button or listbox in the form builder.

Drag Listbox

2- Go to the 'element settings' on the right and press on the item picker button ( ).

Default List Items

3- Change the default items: add or remove items, change the text of the items and their order etc.

Change items text

4- If you wish to make the listbox mandatory, please add a neutral item at the top of the list (such as the word 'choose' or 'select') and turn on the 'mandatory checkbox.
In order to make this item first you will need to add a new item and move it up with the arrow icon until it is situated in the first row.
* The 'mandatory' option is not relevant to the radio button.

Add neutral Item: Choose
Add neutral  Item to listbox

Move neutral Item to Top
Move neutral  Item To Top

Make Listbox Mandatory
Mandatory Listbox
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