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How do I make the post submit url open in a blank page?
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The 'post submit url' directs the user to another url address once the form is submitted. The new address always opens in the same page and dimensions as the original form (this means that the post submit takes up the same 'screen space' as the form itself).
This is fine in most cases, but in forms that are published as 'iframe' or 'script' this may sometimes pose a problem. The reason for this is that the 'iframe' and 'script' have a certain size, and if the post submit url content is larger it will appear cut. In order for the user to view the post submit url properly you will need to make sure it opens in a new blank page.

Steps to open the post submit URL in a new blank page: (In this example the form will be redirected to a 'thank you' webpage you will create).

1- Create a new blank web page in your website from which you will refer to the new page. (Name this webpage, for example: gateway.html) This page should remain blank apart from the following code which should be placed between the HTML 'Head' tags:

window.parent.location.href = '';

For example: Gateway page

2- Go to 'Form Setting' and fill the 'Post Submit URL' textbox with the url of the gateway page -

3- Create a thank you page on your website that will appear after the form is submitted (Name the page: thankyou.html) The outcome of this may be summed up like this: your form (directs to)-> gateway (directs to)-> thank you page

If you wish to redirect the form to a URL which is not of your making (for example: you must simply change the location URL in bullet 1 and skip bullet 3 altogether.
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