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Account Cloning
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Account cloning is one of the options included in the user preferences.
It enables the account owner to duplicate his/her entire account to a new account.
While this action will create an exact duplication of the forms and settings in the account. (For example defined mailing lists, user messages and so forth will be cloned) , all data acqumilated in the forms will not be cloned to the new account.

Steps to clone your account:

1)  Login to FormLogix
2)  In the data center, under the top menu there is an account bar
that consists of a personal user welcome and a link to Edit Your preferences.
Press the "Edit Your Preferences" link.

Edit Your Preferences Link


The fifth section in the 'edit your preferences' page deals with account cloning.
Cloning an account means that only the forms are duplicated, while the data collected in the forms is not.
Provide a new email address for the new account.


Press on the "Clone" button.

Account Cloning

Once the cloning operation is finished a message will appear saying that the account was cloned.


Login to your new account.

Once the new account has been set up a new password would be randomly set for login.
Use the Forgot Password option to retrieve your login details.