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Add Group to pool
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Once you have entered questions in your pool you are allowed to create question groups.
The group is a collection of pool questions. Once you use a group it all the questions in it are displayd together in the published form.

Following are steps for creating a group:
1- press on the 'Add a Group' icon (located in the upper toolbar's 'pool management' section).
2- Once a window will appear enter a group name.
3- Press on the 'Add a Question' button to choose the questions from the pool. You may not add the same question twice in the same group, so once you choose it, the listbox will not display it again.
4- Use the 'Move Up/Down' icons to determin the order of the questions in the group. Keep in mind that once you use the group this will be the order they will be displayed in the published form.
5- press 'ok' to save the group.

Add Group

Screenshot of the "Add question".