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Add Question to Flow
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The Flow is where you determine the sequence of questions in the form. Once you use the flow you actually override the default order of questions that was set in the pool.
By adding dependencies to the form you can create a compound flow which has different routes, depending on the users' different input. The Flow is displayed as a tree so you can see the hexarchy of questions at all times. Each time you add a question you will immediately see it displayed in the tree.

Creating the flow is easy - Following are steps for adding questions to the flow:
1- press on the 'Add a question' icon (located in the upper toolbar's 'flow management' section).
2- Once a window appears you will need to choose a question from the pool.
3- Press 'ok' and the question will be added instantly to the tree on the left.
Please note that the question you wish to add will always be placed right after the selected question in the pool.

Add question to flow
Once you choose a question it will instantly be added in the tree.

4- In order to "branch out" and add a dependency you will need to select one of the options of a multiple choice question (in the tree) and only then add a question. This action will place your question under that answer option.

Add question to flow
Add a dependency: Select a multiple choice option (Female)in the tree and add your question - It will be added right under that option (see image).