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Add question to pool
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The pool is a repository of questions, which is the basis for the conditional form creation.

Following are steps for adding questions to the pool:
1- press on the 'Add a question' icon (located in the upper toolbar's 'pool management' section).
2- Once a window will appear type your question in the 'question text" textbox field.
3- You can add a tooltip text to add information or clarify your question.
4- Choose the relevant question type from the listbox. There are 6 question types:
    Numeric Textbox
    Date Picker
    Horizontal Radio Button
    Vertical Radio Button

5- Turn on the 'Mandatory' checkbox if you wish the field to be mandatory.
6- if you choose one of the multiple choice question type (radio button or listbox) you will need to define their answer options. (for example if you create multiple choice question: what is you gender? you will need to define the answer options: male and female.)
Type in the answer options one by one and press on the "+" icon in order to insert them to the options list below. Please note that for each option you add there will be edit and delete functions available.
7- use the 'move up/down' icons to determine the order of the options.
8- Once you press 'ok' the question will be added to the pool.

Find out how to Edit a question in the pool

Add question to pool

Screenshot of the "Add question".