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Flow Work Mode
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The second work mode in the Basic form is the 'Flow'. Once the Pool is ready you can now start using the questions in it as a basis to create your flow. The flow is a compound sequence of questions created using dependencies. Using the flow you can override the default order of questions in the pool with the new flow you create: you can pick and choose which questions and questions groups will be displayed in the published form, in what order and under what conditions. The Flow is built as a tree with branches.

Example for a pool based form:
If you add Q1,Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5 and so on to the pool and publish the form - the published form will display these questions in the order they were saved in the pool. Example for a flow based form:
If Q2 is a multiple choice question with 2 optional answers: 'yes' and 'no', you can decide that whoever answers 'yes' will branch out and go to Q5 while those who answer 'no' stay on the default route and answer the next question, which is Q4)

Following are steps to create a questions flow:

1)  Once the pool is complete press on the 'Flow' work mode button to enter the Flow.
Choose Flow Mode


Press on the 'Add a Question' icon to choose a question from the flow and add it to your flow.

Add a question to flow


Once you choose a multiple choice question you can decide to branch out by using dependencies. For instance, if you choose the 'Male' option in the 'Gender' question you can then press on the 'add question' icon and add a question under it. Let's say you placed a 'height' question there - This means that those who choose the 'male' option when filling in your form will be asked their height.

Selecting the option (Male) and adding a question (Height) under it
Adding a dependency

New question (Height) resides under the 'male' answer option (Male).
Adding a dependency

Please note that in order to add a question to a certain location you need to select the location in the tree prior to pressing on the 'add question' icon.


In addition to using single questions from the pool you may also use the groups you created there. Select the location in the tree where you want to add the group to and press on the 'add group' icon.


If you wish to stop the form at any point you can do so by selecting the exact location in the tree and pressing on the 'End Form' icon. (If, for instance, you are not interested in collecting info about married men you can choose to end the form once the form filler answers he is male and married. )

Selecting the option (Married) and ending the form at that point only. According to this example those who answer that they are single or divorced will continue to the next question.
Ending the form at any point