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Basic Form Style
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The basic form does not have a flexible design and you cannot arrange the elements freely (like you do in the advanced form builder) - it has a set layout, and it is a given. However using the style feature in the 'form settings' allows you to change the basic form's appearance: its background colors, its fonts and its border.

Following are steps to change the style of the published basic form:
1) Once you create a new basic form, it automatically gets its default appearance.

Style Button

2) Press on the 'style' button in the "form settings" to change the layout style.

Style Button

3) The style window will open, displaying the form's properties in 4 main sections: Header, Footer, Form Body and Border. Each section will contain the properties such as font family, font color etc.

style window

* Following is a sketch of the default form style devided in to sections (in black text) and specifying each section's properties (in blue).

style window properties

4) Once you change the properties of your choice press on 'ok' and save the form. The published form will change it's appearance accordingly.

Changed style