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Create a simple form
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This is an example of how quick and simple it is to create a form,
which in this case is a contact us form.
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These are the steps to Create a simple form:


Give your form a name.
An application can consist of an endless number of forms, so give your form a name
that describes it best and will help you identify it easily.

Set Your Form Name


Determine the size of your form.
If you are planning to embed your form in an existing web page, you may want to ascertain
the size of the space available for the form, and determine its size according to it.

Change Form Width


Drag the first element - Label - on to the design area.
Once the element is selected (has a red border around it), change its font style: font size to 18px and color to dark blue.

Drag Label


Turn on the 'Create With Label' checkbox so that each time you drag an element it will include a label as well.

Create With Label Checkbox


Drag the second element - a textbox - on to the design area. (A - in the screenshot below)
Notice that the textbox is accompanied with a label, and they are both placed in a container
with a dotted border - This is because the 'Create With Label' is checked.

Drag Elements


Drag all the other elements, (keep the 'Create With Label' checkbox checked) and place them one under the other.

A - a Textbox  ( Textbox Icon )
B - a Textbox  ( Textbox Icon )
C - an Email element  ( Email Icon )
D - a Textbox  ( Textbox Icon )
E - a Textarea  ( Textarea Icon )


Select all elements:
select a single container by pressing on it's handle ( Container Handle )
And also press on the 'CTRL' key to allow multi element selection.

Once all containers are selected, press on the 'align left' icon to align them all. ( Align Left Icon )

Align Selected Elements Left


Select the first textbox label (element A), and change the text to 'Name'
This can be done by double clicking on the label and changing the text,
or by changing it in the 'Label Settings' text field.

Take Note!
Label Settings (like all elements settings) will appear on the right side of the
form creator, whenever a label is selected.

Change Label Text


Select the first textbox element (element A), and change its Caption to 'Name'.
The element caption is a very significant attribute since it later appears in the report header and emails
so highly important to change it at this stage (Below-screenshot showing the report captions in this forms' report).

Change Report Caption

In order to Change the element caption you should first select the textbox.
And then you should change the caption text located in the
Textbox Settings.
Change Element Caption


While the first element in the form is selected , change its tab index number to "1". Give all of your elements a different index number in an ascending order- this will determine their order in the report and emails. (the first element will be "1" the second will be "2" etc.)
Change Tab Index


According to this method, change all remaining elements (B-E) label text and elements caption text.

B - a Textbox  ( Textbox Icon ) - change to 'Company'
C - an Email element  ( Email Icon ) - change to 'Email'
D - a Textbox  ( Textbox Icon ) - change to 'Subject'
E - a Textarea  ( Textarea Icon ) - change to 'Message'


Add a submit button to the form.  ( Submit Button Icon )
and change the button size in the Button Settings to 50 (width) X 20 (height).


Change all the container dotted borders style to 'none' (for design reasons only)
Change Container Border To 'None'


Save the form.
Save Form'