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A chart is a graphic way of showing how the data is distributed, it is an analyzing tool.
If, for instance, you have a contact form with a field called 'contact purpose' in it (which has four values: feedback, general, sales and technical support).
You may want to create a chart based on this field and see how many people contacted you for technical support reasons versus the other contact purposes.

Filling in Chart Terms

Steps to create this chart:


Choose the 'New Chart' option from the 'Report & Chart' section in the toolbar.
2)  Choose the field you want to base your chart on, in this case 'contact purpose'.
3)   Field formula – leave this field empty.
Field formula can be used to create more complex charts, but it requires a numeric field
and so if you do not have a numeric field in your form this field will not be useful to you.
In our example there was no numeric field in the form and so choosing a field formula was not possible.
4) Formula- there are three formula options: count, sum and average. Count is a formula which can always be used, as opposed to 'sum' and 'average' which may only be used when a numeric field formula is chosen.
Leave the 'count' formula selected.
5)   Style - Choose one of the many styles listed: point, bubble, pyramid, pie, area, etc according to how you want to see the data.
6)   3D - checkbox that determines if the chart has a 3d effect or not.
7)   Image Type - Choose from one of image types listed. you may view the chart as a static image such as JPG image or as a dynamic flash image.
8)   Press 'Apply'.

Please notice that the chart settings may be changed at all times by choosing the 'Edit Chart' option.