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Creating A Field Template
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A form template is a ready made field, or a section of fields that a form owner can choose from and insert to his/her form (For example a list of countries).

This option enables a form owner to create a custom field template according to his/her specific needs and use it in his/her forms. Steps to create a field template:

1)  Prepare the template in the form designer:
A - if you wish to create a single field template
simply drag the element on to the design area, define its properties and select it.

Add Field Template

B - if you wish to create a group field template
simply drag the elements in to a container element and select the container.

Add Field Template


In the "General Toolbar" - press on the "Add Field Template" icon.


Give your template a name and press on the "OK" button.

Add Field Template


The template will then be added to the field template List and will be available for use.

Add Field Template