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Getting to know the work area
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Formlogix report page is designed to help you focus on managing and analyzing your data.
It consists of:

A) Tabs
B) General Toolbar
A) Navigation Bar (Bread Crumb)
D) Result table
E) Pager Status

Report WorkArea

           Screenshot of the report page work area.
back  Tabs
There are 2 Tabs at the top of the form builder. the first is the form builder tab, and the other is the "form data" tab which enables the user to manage the data of the same form.
back  General Toolbar
The general toolbar is located at the top of the form builder Data page and consists of all the main functions in the system. The toolbar is devided in to 2 sections:
2-Report & Chart
This Section contains all the functions relating to the form data. Listed below are all the options in the 'Data' section.
Add Entry Add Entry This option enables a form owner to enter data in the form in a private way (This way the data is added to the Report Result Table).
Delete selected items Delete Selected Entries This option will delete all the selected entry rows in the result table.
The row selection will appear in the checkboxes on the left column of the result table.
Restore Entries Restore Using this option a form owner can retrieve all the data entries that were deleted using the 'Delete selected items'
option or by using the single row deletion in the 'Tools sub menu' in the result table (see below).
Export Label This option allows to export the results that appear in the result table in several ways.
The exporting Options are:
- Excel
- Report - Tabular
- Report Continues
- PDF Tabular
- PDF Continues
- Google Spreadsheet
- Google Maps
Import Data Label Allows to import data from .xls files (only) to the result table.
Filter Label A way to slice the information gathered. The filter consists of filter term rows the user needs to fill.
Cancel Filter Label Clears the filter terms and shows all data entry results.
Open in Grid Open In Grid Once this checkbox is turned on all management operations (info/edit/delete...) made on each data entry will take place inside the result grid instead of in a pop up window.
Report & Chart
This Section contains all the functions relating to the report and the chart that may be created based on the form data.
New Report Add Entry This option enables a form owner to create a new report based on the data in the result table (by filling in the filter terms).
Edit Report Delete Selected Entries This option enables to edit the report by changing the filter terms
New Chart Restore This option enables a form owner to create a chart based on the data in the result table.
Edit Chart Label This option allows to edit the chart.
Open (Chart/Report) Label Allows to open a report or chart from the saved report/chart list.
Save (Chart/Report) Label Allows to save a report or chart after they are created or edited.
Properties Label Each report or chart has basic properties which need to be filled in and may be saved through this option. (such as 'name' or 'share' option).
Share Open In Grid Once a report or chart are saved they may be used publically (shared) using this option. Sharing the report or chart may be done using a URL or an IFRAME.
Please note that the 'share' checkbox in the 'properties' window must be turned on prior to using this option.
Print Print An option that will print the items showing in the result table.
back  Navigation (Bread Crumb)
Provides information as to where you are located (what app and what page), and offers shortcut List Box from which you can “jump” to another PAGE in the same APP without using the browser 'Back' button.
This breadcrumnb also indicates weather or not a filter is used at the moment (the filter name will appear as well as a yellow filter icon and the text 'Turned On').
Report Filter
back  Result Table
Whether your form is public and being filled in by others, or Whether you are the one filling in the data,
the result table is where you will see all the data entries.

Report Filter
The table header consists of all the fields that appear in the Form (apart from those who are not in the table/Multi line mode).

Multiple Select Multiple Select This option appears in the left column of the result table and allows the user to select entry rows for deletion or for mail sending by using the checkboxes.
The user may turn on or off any row checkbox in order to select part of the entries, and he/she may also turn on the checkbox in the report header to select all data entries in the page.
Tools Tools The tools sub-menu consists of four basic operations for each and every entry.
Info -displays the form in 'read only' mode.
Info Mail -displays the form data in the email format.
Edit – displays the form with the ability to edit it.
Delete – allows deleting a data entry from the result table.
Remark – enables the form owner to add his remark to the entry.
Private Forum – enables the form owner to communicate with his form fillers.
My Row Id Row Id Every data entry has a unique identifying number.
System Shortcuts System Shortcuts The system Shortcuts sub-menu is a system automatic menu that consists of the entry's link to other forms.
Sort Sort Pressing on any header field will sort the information according to that field from z-a. Pressing on this header again will sort From a-z.
Multiline Data Multiline Data Pressing on the "+" button shows the row's multiline data below the entry.
Quick Filter Quick Filter Pressing on the quick filter icon (magnifying glass) next to each caption in the report header enables to filter according to the caption chosen and automatically opens the filter option in the toolbox and .
back  Pager Status
This status row provides the following information:
1. Total Rows - The number of rows currently showing in the result table.
2. Page # - shows on which page you are and allows to move between pages.
3. Rows In Page - the number of rows that appear in the result table are 10 by default but this may be changed in the 'filter' window.
Page Status