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Edit Group
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Once a group is added you can always edit it. In addition, the edit window allows you to 'delete' the group altogether.

Following are steps to edit a group:
1- press on the 'Edit Group' icon (located in the upper toolbar's 'pool management' section).
2- A window will appear and you will be required to choose the group name from the listbox.
3- Once you choose a group its questions will appear below. 4- Press on the delete icon to remove questions, Press on the 'add a question' button to add questions, and use the 'Move Up/Down' icons to determine the order of the questions in the group.
Keep in mind that while the group is used in the flow you will not be able to edit anything except for the group name text.
5- Press 'Delete Button' if you wish to delete the group.
6- Press 'ok' to save the group settings.

Add Group

Screenshot of the "Add question".