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Edit question in pool
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Once you have added questions to your pool you can choose to edit them if you wish.

Following are steps to edit a question in the pool:
1- press on the 'Edit a question' icon (located in the upper toolbar's 'pool management' section).
2- Once a window will appear you will be allowed to edit:
A. The question Text
This text may always be changed.
B. The question Tooltip
This text may always be changed.
C. The question Type
Please note that there are regular questions (Text Box,Textarea,Email & Numeric Textbox) and multiple choice questions (Radio button & Listbox). A regular question may only be changed in to another regular question and a multiple choice question may only be changed in to a different multiple choice question.
In addition, the question type may not be edited while the question is used in the flow.
D. The Mandatory option
This may always be changed.
E. The multiple choice answer options
Answer options may be added, removed, their order & text may be edited except for situations where the multiple question are in use by the flow (in this case only the answer option text may be editted).

Edit question in pool

Screenshot of the "Edit question".