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Edit User Preferences
Register to FormLogix
The user preferences page is divided into four sections:
The first section deals with the user password, personal details, interface language and time zone.
The second section deals with account email change.
The third section is an account deletion operation and
The fourth section allows a company logo upload so they appear in account emails.
Steps to change your user preferences:

1)  Login to FormLogix
2)  In the data center, under the top menu there is an account bar that consists of a personal user welcome and a link to edit your preferences.
Press the "Edit Your Preferences" link.

Edit Your Preferences Link


Part of the first section in the user preferences page deals with the user password.
If you are interested in changing your password, just fill in your new password (it must be at least 6 characters long),
and re-type this new password.
Press on the "Update Password" button.

Change Password Section


The first section also consists of user details: name and company, and preferences:
interface language (English/Hebrew), and time zone.
If you wish to change some of these values, you may do so.
Pressing on "Update Preferences" button will save your changes.

Edit Your Preferences Second Section


The second section consists of an account email change.
The email address you provide when registering to formlogix is considered to be your account email. It is later used as your login username, and more importantly, all the data entry alerts will be sent to this email address. So if you wish to move your account under another address and have your emails sent to it instead - you may do so using this option. Please notice that an email change means moving your entire account (all apps, forms and data) under the new email address.

Enter the new address in the textbox and press on "update". Please remember to use the new email when logging in the next time.

Change Your Accont Email Address


The third section is an account deletion section.
If you wish to terminate your account at FormLogix, there is no need to e-mail us,
you can do it yourself.
Pressing on the "Delete Account" button will delete your account permanently.

Edit Your Preferences Third Section

Change Your Accont Email Address


The forth section is a logo upload section.
If you wish to add you company logo to the emails sent upon each data entry, so it will appear in the header of the emails sent to you and to others (form fillers, mailing list addresses) - you can do so by using this option.

Pressing on the "Browse" button will allow you to choose your logo file.
File requirements: jpg file type, 288 (width) X 86 (height) pixels.
* We recommend that you use a white background for your logo file, so it will blend in with the email background.

Press on "Upload Logo" button to complete the operation. A preview of your uploaded logo will appear.

Edit Your Preferences Fourth Section


The fifth section is an account cloning section.
If you wish to duplicate your entire account to a new email address you may do so using this option.

All you need to do is enter a valid new email for the new account and press on the "Clone" button.
Once the account is cloned a random new password is set up for login. To find out this password you will need to use
the Forgot Your Password option.

Edit Your Preferences Fourth Section

Take Note!
Each section has its own activation button, so make sure that you press the right one.