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Filter Data
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Filter is a way to slice the data and help you focus only on the information you are currently interested in.
A filter can be cleared at all times, making it possible to return and view all the results again.

There are 2 ways to filter:
1- Regular Filter
2- Quick filter

back  Regular Filter
This option is available by pressing on the 'filter' option in the 'Data' toolbar.

How to use the filter?
The filter is made out of five basic terms, which together make up a row.
Three rows are open in default, but filling in one row is the minimum for slicing information.
You can delete a term row by pressing on the (-) button or add a term row by pressing on the (+) button.
In each row terms are filled according to the information you want to extract.

Let's say you have a contact form with the standard fields: name, company, email, contact purpose, subject, description and attachment.

Many people have filled in this form and now when you enter the Report page of this contact form there are 100 entries.
You would like to slice the data so only the people whose contact purpose was 'support' and who filled in the form after 25/03/2010 will be extracted.


What you have to do is this:
1)  Fill in the first term row.
Pick the field 'contact purpose' from the field list.
Choose the operator 'contains' and fill in the where field with the word 'support'.
Leave the show checkbox unchecked (checking the 'show' checkbox narrows the result table by showing only the checked field column, and You would like to see all the fields for now, so leave it unchecked).
Choose the operand 'and' – an operand determines the relation between this term row and the next term row.
So choosing 'and' means that only data entries that fit both row terms will be extracted.
2) Fill the second term row
Pick the field entry date' from the field list.
Choose the operator '>' and fill in the where field with the date '25/03/2010'.
Leave the show checkbox unchecked.
No need to Choose an operand on this row because the relation between the two rows has already been set in the first row.
3) Pick the number of rows you would like to see in the result table at once and
4) Press 'go'.
5) The result of this will be a result table with data entries that have the same value (support) in the 'Contact purpose' field And whose entry dates are after the 18/7/2006.
back  Quick Filter

Filling in the filter term rows may also be done quickly and simply using the quick link icons located at the grid headers. By pressing on a filter icon in the column headers you will actually be adding the field to the regular filter window rows (detailed in the previous ).
Steps to quick filter:
1)  press on the filter icon of in certain field header.
2)  a small section will open under this header containing an 'operator' listbox, a 'where' textbox, 'go' button and a 'clear' button.

Quick Filter Icon
3)  choose the operator and fill in the 'where' term. for example: field: contact purpose, operator: contains, where:support.

Quick Filter
4)  Press on "go" to apply the filter or press on the "clear" icon to clear the term from the filter rows.
5)  Notice that filling in the terms through the quick filter will simultaneously fill them in in the regular filter window.

Quick Filter