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Import Data
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FormLogix offers not only the option to export your data to Excel, but also the reverse option: importing data from Excel.
An import action adds the data as new entry rows in a form's report. This means that a form must first exist in order to receive the data.

Take Note!
A) There are a few input elements which are not available for import into: file upload,radio button,listbox and linkform.
B) If you are attempting to import data that was exported from FormLogix you must first make sure that the file which you want to import is saved in .xls format.
Find out how to do this.

Steps to import from excel:


Get your form and data ready.
Form - importing data into a report means that a form must first exist containing all fields one wants to pour data into. So make sure that the form contains the field elements that you want to import data into.
Data - make sure that your data is formatted to match the fields you would like to import to.

For example:
A field with yes/no option that should be imported into a checkbox field should have values of 1 or 0.

Import data
The Form

Import data
The Excel File


Choose the 'Import Data' option in the toolbar 'Data' section.
Import data

Import data


Pick the xls (Excel) file you would like to import data from.
Once you have picked a valid file a table will appear, consisting of columns drawn from the xls file.

Import data
at the head of each column there is a listbox containing all the fields in the form.
All you need to do is asign each xls columm to a form field (showing in listbox).
* Leave the 'ignore first data row' unchecked.


Press on the 'Ok' button to import the data.

Import data


The xls data will be added to the existing data rows and will appear as data entries in the report bellow.

Import data