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Logo Uploadd
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This option is available on paid forms only.
In our free version once emails are sent upon every data entry submission to the form owner, form filler and mailing list addresses they contain a FormLogix logo in the header.

Emails sent upon paid form submission contain no header, but using this option they can contain the form owner's company logo.

Steps to add the company logo to the emails:

1)  Login to Formlogix
2)  In the data center, under the top menu there is an account bar
that consists of a personal user welcome and a link to edit our preferences.
Press the "Edit Your Preferences" link.

Edit Your Preferences Link


The first section on the top right of the user preferences page is the logo upload section.
Use the 'Browse' button to choose an appropriate file containing your company logo:
File type: jpg.
File width/height: 288 X 86 pixels.

* We recommend that you use a white background for your logo file, so it will blend in with the email background.

Logo Upload Section


Press "Upload logo" to complete the operation and a preview of your logo will appear.


Press "Remove logo" if you want to cancel the current uploaded logo.