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Post Submit Url
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Once a person fills in a published form and presses on the 'submit' button the default status is to show a cleared form.
If a form owner decides to direct the form filler to another page/url after the form is submitted he can do so using the 'post submit url' option.
Steps to add a post submit url:

1)  Go to the "Post Submit Url" textbox in the "form settings" box.

Post Submit Url


You have 2 options here:
A - To enter a valid url of a page in the textbox.
B - To press on the "Url Picker" Button and choose a existing form ( Url Picker Button ).


Once you have entered a value in this field press on "apply".

Take Note!
In the case of a form that is published as Iframe or Script the post submitted url will appear as default instead of the form, in its container.
If you wish for the post submit url to appear in a blank page and not in the form container you will need to do the following:

1) Create a web page in your website that consists of this code:
    window.parent.location.href = '';
    //the url you want to redirect to;
2) Go to 'Form Setting' and fill the 'Post Submit URL' textbox with the url to the
    page you have just created in step1.