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Private Forum
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The Private forum is an internal messaging system embedded in the data management tool. This option enables the form owner to communicate with his users (form fillers) about the specific matters entered in each data entry.

How does this work?
When a user fills in the form (and entered his email address) this submission is added to the data management report as a new data entry row. The form owner, if he decides to do so, can then reply to this entry by by selecting the row and choosing the "private forum" option in the "tools" sub menu.
This discussion can go on between these 2 parties where the form owner sends the user a message and the user sends a message back to the form owner and so on. The entire discussion between these 2 parties will be recorded and displayed in a tree structure.

Steps to use the Private Forum option:


Enter your data management report.


Open the "tools" sub-menu and choose the "private forum" option.

Private Forum


The private forum window will open (inside the grid or as a pop up window, depending on what you define). Please notice that if you haven't replied to this user the discussion tree on the left will be empty.


Enter your reply message using the form located on the right part of this window. An email containing your reply will then be sent to the form filler, allowing him/her to send you a counter message.

Private Forum


An alert will appear once the reply is submitted (saying that the discussion was saved in the tree and that the email was sent to the user).

Private Forum


The discussion will be recorded in the tree structure on the left and you will be able to select each message title appearing in the tree above and view its detail below.

Private Forum


The email sent to the form filler will contain your reply message and a link by which he/she could send you a counter message. When the user Presses on the link a reply form will open (see an image of a user reply form below).

Private Forum

Take Note! (a few words about how the user should fill in the reply form)
When the user fills in the reply form he/she will need to enter his/her email address. Only if the email address entered is found to be *correct than the form will be submitted (This is done to prevent spamming).
*A correct email - means that it is the same email address the user submitted when he filled in the original form. This email validation will ensure that the form filler is using the same email address throughout his correspondence.


All messages will be displayed in a tree structure on the left side of the "private forum" window.
Each time you select a branch from the discussion tree (node) you will be able to see when this message was entered, by whom and what what the message content is.

Private Forum