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Sharing the Report or the Chart
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Public report or public chart enable you to externalize part of the data in your report table or all of it (as a report or chart) so others can view it.
You can send people a link to this external report/chart, or even embed it in your web site.
This external access allows only the viewing of data entries or chart based on them. Editing the data entries shown by an external source is not possible.

Please note that in order to make a report/chart public the form they are based on must first be public as well.

Steps to create a public report/chart:


Ensure that the form, which is the basis for this report/chart, is defined as 'public' (in the form creator's 'form settings').
2)   For a public report
Use the 'New Report' option (in the 'Report & Chart' section) to select the data entries you want to display.
Make sure that all results are displayed in one report page (by choosing the * value in the "rows in page" listbox, situated in the below the filter terms).
For a public chart
Use the 'New Chart' option to create a chart on the basis of the entire report or part of it.
3)   Save the report/chart - Press on the "Save" option in the 'Report & Chart' section of the toolbar.(Don't forget to turn on the 'share' checkbox before saving).

Save filter/chart


Once the report/chart are saved all that's left is to use the 'share' option
and copy the public report/chart's URL or Iframe code.

Filter Share
Another way to view the public report/chart is through the "Properties" window. Once the report or chart are saved you can enter the "properties" and press on the next to the 'share' checkbox.

Show link to public report or chart