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Register to FormLogix
Becoming a FormLogix user requires a short registration. Free of charge.
The registration process is divided into five sections:

The first section deals with the user's Personal details.
The second section deals with the user's Password,
The third section deals with the user Interface,
The forth section is a step to ensure the Registration security,
and the fifth and final section is the approval of our 'Terms Of Use' agreement.

Take Note!
Notice that all fields are mandatory.
A red star will appear to indicate if a field was left empty.

Steps to register:

1)  Filling in the first section: user's Personal details.
Name - fill in your name (free text field).
Company - fill in your company name (free text).
Email address - fill in a valid email address.
The email address is a crucial part of the registration process and user login later:
1. This mail address will serve as your username when logging in to formlogix.
2. Filling in a wrong email address will prevent you from receiving our activation mail
and from logging in.

Personal Details
2)  Filling in the second section: user's Password.
Password - fill in your password ( must be at least 6 characters long, letters and numbers).
Re Type Password - Re Type the password. Theses two fields must be identical.

3)  Filling in the third section: user's Interface.
Language - Choose the interface language (English/Hebrew).
Your reference - Let us know how you got to us.
Time zone - State your time zone, so data entries in your future forms will be synchronized to your time. .

4)  Filling in the forth section: Registration security.
Picture - A field showing three numbers.
Turing Number - Fill in the numbers you see in the picture above.
Just type the three numbers showing without spaces between them. See example below.
(This prevents automated registrations).

5)  Filling in the fifth section: 'Terms Of Use' agreement.
'Terms of use' link - A link to our terms of use document. You will not be able
to finish the registration process without agreeing to our 'Terms of use', So Make sure you read it before you register.
'Terms of use' checkbox - You will not be able to register unless you consent to our 'Terms of use' document.

6)  Press on the 'Register' button.

After submitting the registration form an e-mail will be sent to your mail address
with an activation link in it. All that is left to do is to activate the FormLogix account by pressing on that link, and logging in.

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