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The 'Share a form' option enables a user to make his/her form available for cloning, thus creating a community in which users can copy each others forms and alter them according to their own needs.
Defining the form as shared can be done using the Share a form icon that appears in the form creator and in the data center.

Take Note !
sharing a form does not include sharing the data. When a form is cloned only the form design is copied.

Steps to share a form:


Once your form is saved and defined as 'public' it may be shared.
2)   Press on the 'Share' icon (Share Icon)
  The icon is located:
A) In the form creator - General Toolbar (Main Section).
B) In the data center - Application List.

Icon in Form Creator
Share a form

Icon in Data Center
Share a form


Choose the category of your form in the Tag Listbox.
4)   Fill in the URL of the webpage consisting of this published form, so the others may see how the form looks when it is embedded in your site.
5)   Press on the "Share" button.

Steps to Cancel the shared status of the form:


Press on the 'Share' icon of the relevant form. This may be done:
Through the data center - Application List - by pressing on the icon in the relevant form row Through the Form Creator - in the General Toolbar - after entering to the relevant form.


Press on the 'Un-Share' button.