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SMS Alerts
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When a form filler submits a form a new data entry alert email is automatically sent by default to the form owner.
If a form owner wishes to be notified about these new data entry submissions via cell phone he can purchase a bulk of SMS's and redirect them to his/her SMS cell phone number.
* Please note that the SMS feature requires the purchase of an SMS bulk and it applies to all the active forms which use this feature in the account.

Steps to use the SMS Alerts option:


Purchase a bulk of SMS's in the Payment center.


Enter your form in the form creator.


Go to the "form settings".

SMS Alerts


Type your cellphone number in the SMS Number field.
* Take note - You must enter the complete number (the same as when people dial your number from overseas). It should include the country code + cellphone number with no spaces between them.

For example:
if your cell phone number is 054-5874165 and you live in israel (country code=972) than you should enter your number as follows: 972545874165.


Press on "apply".


Save the form.