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User Access Management
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With the user access management tool one can decide to limit his/her forms and reports access only to those listed in the access window. Access maybe granted only to public items: public forms and public reports.
If you do not grant any of the users specified in the list access to one of the items - this item will remain accessible by all.
Items that have limited access can only be entered post login. If one is given access to a form and is not registered at FormLogix an account will automatically be set up for him and he will only need to activate it before logging in.

User access has two sides to it: the access you grant other users to your forms and access you are given to theirs - all this is handled in the data center.
Granting others access

1)  Enter the data center and press on the "Access" icon in the "My Application" table.

MyApplications list


The access window will open and the name of your form will appear on the top left corner (in orange).
In this window you can manage the users, granting them access to your public form, and your public reports.

Access window


Add a new user by entering his/her name and email address in the "name" and "email" textboxes and press on the "Add User" button to finalize the action. You may grant user access to any one, even another registered FormLogix user (in which case the name he listed in our system with will appear in your access table). Once you add a user an email is sent to him containing an invitation to enter data in your form. If this person is not registered in FormLogix than this mail will also contain a link to activate a new FormLogix account and login information.

Access window


When the "Add User" button is pressed the user is added to the access table and its "enter data" checkbox is turned on by default. This means that at this time the invited user will only be granted access to enter data in your form.

Access window


Once you have added your users you can edit their access authorizations (adding access to a report, denying access to the form etc.) you may do so by checking and unchecking the selected items and press on "Send Invitation".
The "Send Invitation" will send the user an email consisting of an invitation to enter the authorized items.
Managing incoming invitations

1)  Once other users give you access to their forms and reports you will be able to see the invitations in your 'My Invitations' table. In addition you will receive an email invitation consisting of links to these items as well.

MyApplications list
Take Note!
Your incoming invitations may change by the inviting form owner. This will of course be reflected in the 'My Invitations' table.
The form owner may, for instance decide to grant you additional access to his items (a report or form or both), which will add items to your list. He may also decide to deny your access to several items, which in turn will cause their links to disappear from your incoming invitations table.