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Working With Form Templates
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The FormLogix form creator is a quick and easy tool, and requires no knowledge in programming or design.
However, we offer templates for free use, all with the same thought in mind: "Making it simple for our users".
If you want to view these templates, or even load them, this is what you must do:

1)  Press on the "Template Gallery" icon in the General Toolbar.
2)  The template gallery page will open and you will see a template list on the left.
Notice that for each template there are two options: Load and View.

Load - will open this template in the form creator, making it possible to use it.
View - will display the template on the right side of the gallery page.

Template List


Also, at the bottom of the template list, you will find a description bar that will display
each template description when the cursor is over it.
4)  A template search engine is also located at the top of the page for your convenience.