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Working With Linkforms
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Linkform is an element that connects between forms' data.
It is an element that retrieves its information from another form, and could consist of
more than one data field.

Steps in using the linkform:

1)  Drag the linkform element into the form design area ( LinkForm Icon ).
2)  Press on the link data item button in the Linkform Settings.

LinkForm ItemList Button


Fill in the link data:

App - 

Pick the name of the application you want to link your element to.
Form -  Pick the name of the form you want to link your element to.
Delimiter -  The character that will be placed between the chosen fields.
Fields -  Once the form is chosen, a list of its fields will be presented
with a checkbox next to each one. Just pick the field you would like to see and close the list item window.