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Working with Listbox
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Listbox is an element that consists of an item list (just like the radio button).
Do not let the default list of values mislead you, because you still need to
overwrite them with your own.

Steps in using the radio buttons or listboxes:

1)  Drag the listbox element into the form design area.
2)  Press on the items button in the listbox Settings.

Listbox Item List


Fill in your items as needed.

Add Item -

If it looks like there is room for only three items, pressing on the "Add Item" button will add another item row each time.
Del Item - Press on the minus button of a row you would like to delete.
Change values order -  If, for example, you want to move the first values' position to the second, you should place your cursor in the value textbox and press on the "Move Item Down" button.

Listbox Value Reorder
4)  If you wish to define the listbox as mandatory you may do so through the "Listbox Settings". This will force the user to choose one of the listbox items.

Mandatory Listbox
  This mandatory option will make the first value in the item list appear at the head of the list by default, but it will not be available for selection so please make sure that the first value is not an actual value but rather a neutral text (such as: select/choose etc). Also, the user will not be able to submit the form unless he/she has chosen one of the other items.

Mandatory Listbox


Close the Items window.