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01.09.2012 - New Version: Publishing to Facebook and changing style in the Basic form builder
We have just added another publishing method to both our form builder editors: Publish to Facebook. We hope you find it
useful and would appriciate your feedback. Read more about the Publish to Facebook method.

Till now the basic form builder had only one style and its design could not be customized. Though this form builder's
focus is not on flexible design but rather on the simplicity of use and conditional forms we have decided to add a
style feature with which you can change the colors and font styles in the form.
Read more about the style feature.
02.07.2012 - Additions to the basic form editor: Tooltip Field
Once you add a question in the basic form builder you need to provide a question text (such as: what is your name?),
question type (for example, a textbox, that collects alpha numeric values) and so on. The tooltip is a new field
in this window, which allows the form owner to add a description/detail/explanation his question.
Read more about the tooltip feature.
03.07.2012 - Additions to the basic form editor: Display as single group
In the previous version, when using our online form builder you could create a basic form that could only be displayed
in a continues way.In this new version we have added the ability to display all questions to the form filler in one
single list (with a scroll if needed), allowing the user to easily and quickly fill in all the data in one page.
Read more about the display as single group feature.
28.06.2012 - Additions to the basic form editor: clone question
We have decided to add a clone option to the pool building process.
Read more about the clone feature.
28.06.2012 - Additions to the basic form editor: 2 question types
2 new question types have been added to the basic form editor:
1. the date picker.
2. the vertical radio button.
Read more about it in our blog.
24.01.2012 - The basic form editor
We have added a new form builder editor to create web forms. While our original form builder is an advanced WYSIWYG tool
which provides flexible design using a simple drag & drop motion, the basic form editor lets you create simple forms
without having to deal with the design aspects that much. In addition this form editor lets you create conditional forms
in which the sequence of questions changes according to the user's answers.
Read more about our Basic form builder.
19.09.2011 - Subscription Made Easier
We simplified our price list and changed the subscription to a monthly, automatically renewed, license.
In addition we have decided to limit our free trial version to 7 days.
Read about the new price list in our FormLogix blog.
05.07.2011 - Facebook Coupon
We are offering an 'up o 50% off' time limited discount if you use our coupon on Facebook.
Be sure to visit our facebook page and become a fan by presing on the "like" buttone.
22.04.2010 - Form builder new interface
The form builder and data management tool have been given a face lift.
Read about the new interface in our FormLogix blog.
17.10.2009 - SMS alerts, email validation, private forum and field masking
SMS Alerts - allows the form owner to receive Sms alerts in addition to the ones he/she get via email.
Email Validation - allows the form owner can make sure that the email address which is entered in his form is valid.
Private Forum - A messaging system allowing the form owner and the form filler to exchange messages.
Field Masking - A regular textbox may be formatted to collect specific data.
11.10.2009 - 60 days account cleanup policy
On October 17th we started applying an automatic account cleanup and termination policy.
According to this termination policy user accounts which are found to have no paid
forms in them for the last *60 days will be terminated – this procedure will be
performed automatically, without a notification to the account owner.
Read all about this account cleanup policy.
13.03.2009 - Huge multi featured version
Just launched a great version with many features:
- Open in grid
- Multiline data in the report result table
- Quick filter
- New charts
- Upgraded spam protect option
and much more...
Read more about this new Version.
14.12.2008 - Form Assistance and Payment Integration
A new feature has been added in the form designer to help users in their form creation
process by getting feedback on it from the FormLogix team.
A form owner can now integrate payment in the form to sell his/her product online.
The payment may be executed via Paypal, Google Checkout, Swreg or Moneybookers.
Read more about Payment Integration.
20.11.2008 - Google Maps and Deleting Field Template
Google Maps - we now enable our users to export data to "Google Maps" and see the
geographic origin of each data entry.
An option to delete field template has also been added to allow users to clear
unnecessary templates in their list.
4.11.2008 - New publishing method for Google Sites
Google Sites users can now use a new publish method for embedding their form.
Read more Google Sites publishing method.
26.10.2008 - Google Spreadsheet
Google fans can now export data from FormLogix to the Google spreadsheet.
Google spreadsheet is a part of Google Docs, which is a free, Web-based word processor,
spreadsheet, and presentation application offered by Google.
11.10.2008 - Field Templates, new payment types and an additional publishing method
We has just added the option to create your own (single or several fields) templates
and use them in your forms over and over again.

Our payment has gone through a great makeover: you can now upgrade your forms in 3 different ways:
1- Pay Per form.
2- Pay Per submissions.
3- Pay Per Account.
Read more about our Payment Methods.

'Google Sites' Publishing method was added to our publishing options allowing those using this tool
to embed our forms there.
05.09.2008 - Spanish Homepage andD live Support
Online help is now added to provide immediate assistance to our users.
It is available in the “contact us” page and in the FormLogix top menu bar (after logging in).
Our Spanish Homepage was also updated thanks to Alejandro Lasebnik.
08.07.2008 - File Upload Utility in Spanish
We have been asked by our user Tiziana Albacete to allow the Spanish users the use of a file upload
utility in Spanish. We of course said yes and added a platform to which her translation of the file
upload was added.
Users who are using our translated versions (French/Arabic/Chinese/Dutch/Russian) and want to
translate the file upload utility to their own language are welcome to contact us about it.
24.05.2008 - Custom emails and Form Variables
Users who wished to send their form fillers and mailing list addresses html custom emails
may do so now using our new Custom User Email feature.
This feature also includes the option to insert form variables in to the email.
Read more about our Custom User Email.
01.04.2008 - New Languages
Our form creator currently supports 8 languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic,
Hebrew and now also Dutch and Russian.
01.04.2008 - Continues Forms
A new and exciting feature enabling our users to create multi page forms.
04.06.2007 - New HTML Formatted Emails
Our plain text emails to form owners, form fillers and addresses on the mailing list
have changed and are now designed, up to date, 'easy on the eyes' html formatted email.
03.06.2007 - Container rollover
A new rollover effect has been added to the container element. It is now possible to enter
an 'on mouse over' color and an 'on mouse out' color thus making the container change its
color whenever a user hovers above and moves away from it.
Find out how to add a rollover effect
30.05.2007 - Secondary toolbar
A new and exciting addition to the form creator - a moving secondary side toolbar for
longer forms. This toolbar allows a user to drag and drop elements from this toolbar,
use aligning options and change settings without having to scroll up to the top
More on the secondary toolbar.
11.05.2007 - Import data
Importing data from Excel is now available from the form creator web database interface.
This enables importing data that was once exported from the form creator as well.
Find out how to import.
17.04.2007 - Field templates
Templates of single fields or sections of fields that a user can load and use in his/her
forms are now available. An example for such templates is a list of continents, or ready made
address section of fields.
More about field templates.
01.03.2007 - Shared forms
First community based form builder.
FormLogix has just added a new feature of 'Form Sharing'. This cool feature enables users
to easily clone others shared forms. simply click on the clone icon and
make this form yours.
please notice that by sharing a web form you only share the design of the form.
Read how to share a form
12.02.2007 - Form cloning
Cloning forms is now available, enabling all users to duplicate their forms and use them
as a basis for other new forms.
Read how to clone a form
09.01.2007 - New widgets
13 widgets launched using - an online directory of web widgets
for blogs and other web pages.
Their widgets work with TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, MySpace as well as
most other blogs, sidebars or websites. No plug-ins are needed, and they're free!
View widgets
24.11.2006 - French support - Appui de Français.
Special thanks to Isabelle Giraud for her contribution.

05.11.2006 - Chinese support - 支持中文.
Special thanks to Wei Gong for his contribution.

01.11.2006 - Official Site Launched.
Special thanks to David Arbel our legal advisor, Nir Isaac from תוכנית עסקית Gonogo,
and to many other great people we met on the way...
04.10.2006 - Google Gadgets.
FormLogix has just come out with a new cool google gadgets.
Learn More.

Press here to Gadgets in Google directory
28.09.2006 - FormLogic in Hebrew and Spanish.
Overall support of user work process in formlogix - for Hebrew and Spanish users.
Support includes :user registration and account management, form creation,
data management and analysis,
form publishing, templates etc.
19.9.2006 - Special thanks to juan diego.
Who contributed much to our spanish user support.
Juan Diego is the owner of an excellent web2.0 resource.

Blog sobre aplicaciones Web 2.0 gratuitas blog about free web 2.0 applications.