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I found it wonderful.
Tina Criar, Director.
Needed a simple integrated direct support contact tool and we were delighted to have it
from formlogix.
Vicky Singh.
The FormLogix service is fantastic!
We needed a simple solution for supporters of the charity to sign up to our Newsletter,
but had no idea how to build a web form. The FormLogix solution is very simple and
easy to use - even for a novice.
Thank you very much!
Mark Purser, Trustee.
CamKids Charity.
FormLogix plays a key role.
FormLogix is the most professional form building website out there. Each and every
form is very easily customizable for your company website.
Creating forms could not be any easier. FormLogix is great for newsletters, contacts,
uploads, etc. Anything you could think of in a form, they have it covered.
We're very glad to use FormLogix and have their support.
Kyle Belanger.
Drop Beats Not Bombs (.com).
Very easy to use and powerful work.
God bless you.
Naci Demir, Pastor.
Shalom Adonai Church.
Late one evening I submitted an inquiry for what I thought was a bug. Needless to say,
it was a result of user error on my part.

In a matter of minutes I received an email, which at the time I thought was a simple
automated response to my inquiry. In fact, the email was a message from a real person,
working to ensure that our issue was addressed immediately. In a matter of minutes they
had diagnosed the issue, educated me on how the software was intended to work and sent
me test confirmation messages.

Never have I ever had such timely a response to an inquiry. I love the team at FormLogix!
Thank you for being there while everyone else was sleeping!!!
Paul A. Brisson, Managing Partner.
Brisson Associates.
Having a form logix form on my website helps me a lot in building my online business.
It not only captures email leads but stores them as well. And sends an email to everyone
thanking them for thier submission. But also a key benefit for me is my flash presentation
starts right after submission form has been submitted. All I can say is AWESOME!! Form Logix!
Patrick, Sales Affiliate.
Global Domain International.
This is a really GREAT tool for capturing customer/prospect information on a website.
I am recommending it to all my clients!
Mel Cooper, Chief Consultant.
MELCOOPER Consulting, Inc.
This Software Is Great!
OMG You Dont Know How Your Website Helped Me. This Form Thing. I've Been Looking
For It For Ages! And It Works Great. Instead Of Using In PHP You Just Use In It.
I didn't want to get lost in middleware and database stuff. That's why I resorted to Formlogix.
And I got more than I wanted: Probably the most remarkable thing about Formlogix is that it offers a high level of customization.
Can Duman.
It is a great service which must be applauded.
Hari, MD.
Bravo, cela ma enormément aidé.
Un service vraiment superbe, bien qu'il faudrait peu-etre rajouter une ou deux
actions de plus, mais franchement simpa votre Site.
Jerome Dunajewski.
Europe Global Group.
For me as a one person company it was a great help, my knowledge about scripts
and other webbased material is minimal, so thank you for this service.
Wim in't Veld.
Wim in't Veld-Sport.
Love the FormLogix service!
I had no idea how to build a web form. FormLogix made it very simple.
I published my first form in 10 minutes. Then I went back and went through the
help guide and I learned how to customize my confirmation emails to customers, plus
a few other cool features.
Thank you!
Audian Paxson.
We have sucessfully used your forms to gather registrant information about 3 webinars.
The setup and maintenance is simple and the value is terrific.
Thanks for making such a useful product!
Todd Pratt, Partner.
Advanced Capture Team.
Glad i found you....
I really impressed of what you had offer your customer...i'm looking forward to your paid service as soon as my free trial expired.
keep up the good work!!
chys trading.
FormLogix rocks!
This is the best form creator and database storage I've ever used on the internet!
Keep up the great work!!!
Greg Bonifay.
Riggs Ambulance Service.
Simple Amazing!! Beats a long evening of coding!
The features in the data management was well thought out!
Thank you.
Wow what a time saver, using this service is economical and allows me to use
my time for other developmental issues... Kudos to Formlogix.....
Larry, Owner.
Cinneman Productions.
Thanks you RULE.. I have only been using your services since this weekend and you guys
are by far the best Value and fastest customer service I have ever found.
I am part owner of a small recruiting company and have tried many inexpensive and free
sites with online fliers. I will not be using any other site ever.

Fast service and Outstanding value. --- Next to our website ( I think
you guys are the best thing on the net!!
Thanks again Benny for helping me fix my issue and even more, thanks for the fast
response to my problem!
Valery Carnes, Director of Operation.
Driver Job Service, Inc.
What an excellent program. Easy to use, GREAT support, and a beautiful and useful
finished product. I hope many of you will try this program and join me in providing my community with useful web pages.
Bob Chapman.
Phase One POA.
Hey Guys,
I've just made my third form for my site and just wanted
to say how incredible your service is. On the weekend I was able to send out a mailer
to all my sign ups and I can't believe how easy you've made this for me.
Thank you so much.
Andrew Miller.
I've never used anything as easy and straight forward as FormLogix.
It really gives you time to focus more on the important aspects of the website.
Fabian Davik, Webmaster.
LT Event.
Just wanted to say cuddos on your website and company.
Just came across it and boy does this have some potential.
Lo mejor en formularios que encontre en la red!!!
Facil, rapido y simple!!!
Me solucionaron un monton de problemas, muchas gracias FormLogix!!!
Saludos desde Uruguay
Costa Noticias.
Extremely easy and fully functional.You cant get anything better than this.
I really dont mind using the FormLogix Logo, which i think many people dont want to display.
Thank you, and all the best!
Diwakar, CEO.
Abus Tekno.
This has got to be coolest thing I've ever seen! Thank you.
It takes the pain out of making forms!
Jim Reyna.
Jim Reyna Enterprises.
Really very nice and very helpful and time saving for those who are in the field of IT.
Dev computer & education.
I've just used FormLogix for the 1st time, and I must say I'm very impressed.
I managed to customise my form completely to match my website, and once submitted, I receive the results straight away, no delay.
10/10 Service!
Paul Holmes.
Splash Web Design.
I searched all over the web for a user-friendly form builder application. I went through more than several 30-day trials of other applications and none of them had everything I was looking for. None, that is, until I found FormLogix. This has everything I was looking for and more, and the tech support is a thousand times better than I've received with any other application I've ever used. Once you try this form builder, you'll see what I mean - FormLogix is the BEST!
FluffyButts Rescue Resort.
realmente como hago el formulario de contacto (Means: I really like the contact form).
Edege Group.
I really liked your service. It has been almost a year I was trying to first, create my own CGI script with no success and then I tried to find a place like yours with no success either until I saw you today, sing up, and I am already receiving feedback. Good Job
I have tried many different online form engines, but this one of FormLogix makes more sense than the lot of them put together.
I have been able to build complex forms for web server, Host and anti ddos intrusion orders very successfully.
***** Five Stars*****
Gordon M Doherty, CEO.
Wow, what a sophisticated online development tool for making Forms. Very professional, with nicely formatted e-mail reporting.
The free version is not a crippled version, but it has everything I need. And the upgrade price for the higher features is very reasonable.

An online order form was created for a Charity in China, which serves handicapped children that have brittle bones syndrome. They were very thankful that this was available for free, without a $20 a month price tag that other online forms were charging.

It was easy, I didn’t need to learn any code, or install any components, or configure my web-server, everything just work right from the start.
Robert Brownell, Technition.
כשהייתי צריך להכין ממשק משתמש ולהמחיש אותו לאחרים מצאתי את הכלי של
פורמלוג'יקס קל לשימוש, איכותי ומשיג את התוצאות הרצויות מבלי
.להזדקק לכתיבת קוד .כלי נהדר שאני בטוח שיביא תועלת לרבים
.ממליץ בחום
.מאיר, מנכ"ל
.טובטוב יזמות ופיננסים
FormLogix MailHello,
Thank you very-very much!!!
This is superb service!
You saved me many hours restoring it from e-mails.
All the best
Markus Kasemaa.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast!
I have read the testimonials on your site, and it really is true that your customer service is excellent. :-)
Thanks again!
Chris Nassief, LLC.
The Mortgage Exchange Service.
Great technical support, fast responses to queries, very impressed.
acive energy.
That is an excellent tool. I had been looking for a utility for do a form for my site, and this is the only with I can do it, because is very flexible and customizable. I'm very grateful with you.
Andres Mauricio.
Obando Acevedo.
After looking a lot of times for a Form Designer Pro tool, this is the One. Can't find other better than this.
Gerardo Blanco, Admin.
=GoW= Clan.
I really like the way it is in its own competition as I can't find any other USEFUL free form designer!!!!
Thomas Atkinson.
Hi Team FormLogix,
Awesome, I have never seen this level of support where you get the reply in an hour...
Thanks and regards,
I have been able to create a back end using the FREE version of Form Logix.
This is simply amazing. Companies want 1000's of dollars for what I was able to do for FREE for my company to make my telephone operators get info to my clients. And my bottom line looks a whole lot brighter!!
Tom Reynolds.
American Dispatch.
I really, really like Formlogix!
It just satisfies all my form needs! And in the end, my forms end up looking great and even better with templates!
Great job!
Dave Ryan.
Form Logix Makes for a Great Reservation System
We are a small high school, with an active drama program. When our Director asked me to look into online ticketing I was pretty worried.
I was looking for javascript tutorials, setting up a database on our end to recieve the requests, even looking at expensive ticketing services.

I stumbled upon FormLogix (literally with the Firefox extension). I was in awe. Not only was it free (we paid the small fee of 1.45 later) but it had such a well rounded form builder and database system that we can handle the hundreds of ticket reservations coming in with ease.
With personalized e-mails we can confirm reservations, and all around it's been a great experience.
Dear FormLogix Team,
Congratulations for your product. It made our life so much easier.
I am impressed how easy is to use it and it offers so many features!
Great job!
Antonel Neculai.
North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.
What a time saver...
What can i say but thanks guys for such a useful tool. it saved me time and effort in designing and maintaining a simple form system.
keep up the good work.
It's the best and most user-friendly form generator which forms a form in the way you want it.
I have a saying for you guys..."Power to form a Form with FormLogix".
Paul Smith, C.E.O.
GREAT! You guys are awesome!
Literally in minutes I had the perfect form for my website. I love you!
Cathryn Watson,
Cathryn Watson and Associates.
I own and operate my own site as well as maintain the site for my wife's company.
After a few weeks of trying to get forms to work on both sites I tried Formlogix. Well within 2 days I got all the forms up and working for both sites.
Thank you
Loring Days, Owner,designer.
The guys at are pro’s and providing me with a VIP, live, on demand service.
Top quality problem solving team with a great product and service that is above and beyond many companies I ever worked with.
I use forms to create sales leads without hiring an expensive marketing company, It’s very easy to use and no programming knowledge is necessary, just drag and drop, anyone can do that.
Easy to create, use and most importantly manage. Thanks guys!
Rotem, Customer service & Support.
We used FormLogix for our workshop registration last spring and it worked perfectly! So easy!
The teachers registering also had nothing but praise. We will definitely use it again and recommend to anybody.
Carol Almarez, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher.
Alleghany County Schools.
Awesome site!
Our online catalog vendor quoted us a price of $1000 for the design of a simple form that would generate an email with basic information and no backend database, and $25 a month to host this simple form.
I decided to build and host the form myself, but then I found your site. Absolutely awesome site. You really should be charging more for this. Made me look like a genius to my boss for finding you.
Thanks again!
What a great site!
Hi There, this is just a quick email to say what a great site you have and I'm so impressed by what you guys have done...good luck for the future...
Formlogix web form options provided the necessary tools for our organization to conduct
polls, surveys, and compile priceless data regarding our target audience and their
experiences with our organization.
Forlogix has opened the door for a whole new method of interacting with our students,
and the services they provide have boosted our understanding of how we are perceived,
and has helped us better shape the future of our organization.
Joseph Brewster, Director.
Impact Student Ministries.
I've been using FormLogix for the past few months, creating registration forms for
training courses at our company. The only thing that rivals how great this tool is...
is your customer service, which is awesome! I'm looking forward to upgrading our
account to the full version when it becomes available.
Heidi C.
This is the best on line form i ever tried, I love it and I recommend it for everything,
sky is the limit
Ivan Leon.
FormLogix runs on two things. Its quality webforms solution and its Customer service.
I did get replies to my queries within 5 minutes.
great job! keep up the good work!
joao coelho.
Just a wee note to say thanks for a great service, i have a memorial site
and use your forms, visit us at
Thanka again,
Voices From heaven.
I am using FormLogix on two web sites that I've created for some clients.
I am so happy with the ease of creating and managing those forms
and users are having such an easy time filling them out and submitting.
Thanks for such a great product!
Denise Webber, Graphic Designer.
You have an awesome customer service department. I am shocked at how fast
I get a response and how quickly FormLogix is able to address issues.
I can't say enough about your Company. You are definitely one that I will
continue to recommend to others!!
Jason Cartier .
I am very impressed with your new form designer. I found it very easy to use and extremely useful for my school work. I am particularly impressed with the data storing capabilities of your website. Thanks!
Sally .
This form builder is really great. If it can provide Excel output for form data, then it will be prefect. I am willing to pay for subcription.
Thanks again, Corry.
I just wanted to say thankyou for this great tool. I could not believe that this was free.
I have just started using it so I am not sure of all the features, but so far it is perfect.
I could not be happier with this tool. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about this.
Anyone not using it is just Crazy!
Thanks again, Corry.
Because of my inexperience I had a couple of problems getting my form to work properly.
At 8am Turkish time I emailed and within 5 minutes I had a reply, not just an autoresponse but a personal one. After a few emails back and forth the problems were sorted.
I cannot praise FormLogix enough, the help given was fantastic.
Greg Blood.
The Sausage King.
I think its a really great service, apart from the fact it is free !!
I couldn't even believe it, when i first saw it. I've been searching for such a service for a long time.
Great Job keep it up :)
Admin RLa.
This form creator is quick and very easy to use, and it is free.
I love the fact that you have total freedom when drawing your form.
Mugo Petersen.
Jundokan Skovbo.
Thank You FormLogix for being there!
I used it to create fun pages and ad-ons to a project I did for someone special,
and they just loved filling it out!
It's easy, and has pleanty of options!
Gracias a Formlogix encontré una manera de facilitar a los visitantes de mi sitio
una manera de dejar información de contacto, lo cual me ha permitido acceder
a mercados de otros países con mayor efectividad.
José Rangel, Distribuidor Mercantil Independiente.
Formlogix's forms have enabled our non-profit organisation to better administer our annual photographic fundraising event, saving us hours of toil of data entry.
Thank you Formlogix for you easy to use and intuitive forms.
Karl Barratt, Co-Founder.
My Favourite Travel Photo Exhibition.
Formlogix" est un super outil de travail.Il permet de concevoir des formulaires tout à fait spéficiques à un domaine sans grande connaissance de l'informatique.
Simplicité et efficacité que demander de plus?! ;)
You guys are AWESOME! I seriously love your application.
As a person running a little website renting out a condo I don't have the coding skills to create forms. Even with the skills I then have to install PHP and additionally I need to have a mail server running to send the forms. It's a real nightmare.
With your application I can create a form in about 5 minutes.
I want to thank you again for the service and let you know that I'm doing my best to spread the word.
Derek Hampton.
Formlogix Team - this is a great tool.
Great job!
gus kremmidas.
Owhh yeah baby!! Formlogix ROCKS!!! WOOTZ!!!!!
Thx to them, im hassle free now...
Great idea and good support.
First of all congratulation to the FormLogix team for your wonderful work and services.
This is really amazing site. I have spent days in collecting and developing such services which you guys have given on site.
This is really a boom to developers and site owners. You guys have done a wonderful job in reducing the time to develop such forms from days to just minutes.
You know I created, tested and added two forms to my site in 15 minutes... and the best thing was it was working fine. Kudos to the team!
I am sooo glad I found your website!
I was looking for something that was easy to use that I could integrate into Microsoft Front Page and I found it with Form Logix.
Thumbs up! I will definitely tell other techie friends about your site!
Connie Charles, Technical Support Specialist.
Communities in Schools of San Antonio.
Love this tool!
I love using this tool. I have no Dream Weaver experience, and this still works well for me.
Love the reporting aspect!!!
Scientific Games.
Hi..I just wanted to thank you for making it so easy to create forms..
I have a form-building tool in my web-builder, but there are certain things that I don't understand about it yet...which has kept me from putting forms on my site...
you can visit to
check out what I've created with your generator...I have an Art site, but I am dedicating 1/2 of it to creating an on-line communtity for Veterans & Soldiers..and I really needed these forms...
again, I thank you, and I know any Veteran, Soldier or Supporter that visits my site will appreciate you.
Mary Sylvia Hines
This form generator is amazing. Never saw anything like this, with this quality
and uptime. Nice design and WYSIWYG is the future of the web editor.
My thanks to all here of the team!
José Silva
Thank you again for such wonderful service. As a volunteer club we appreciate
so much being able to use your website design tools and services.
Again, your website staff and software outshine the rest by a long shot.
I will republish our site as recommended Thank you.
This is one of the greatest tools out there to enhance your website!
On top of's free. So many features, so easily customizable,...simply the best.
Allen, Student Ministries Pastor.
Family Worship Center.
Always used ***** (another tool) and didnt know form making and DEPLOYENT
(I hate that word now) could be so easy.
Whilst I have respect for ***** - I'm sure it must be me being the idiot I simply
didnt realise how simple this could be. Thank You Big Time.
Peter Kaye.
Really nice interface.
Much better than what others offer and best of all it's FREE.
Keep up the good work.
Zubin Kapadia, Freelance Designer.
This is a great and easy-way software.
I hope you'll realease an italian version for italian people.
I've developed rapidly a great form solution. Thank's a lot, max.
Max, Ing.
Just a note to say how easy your form generator is to use, I've tried other freebies
but your one is spot on.
Derek Weedon.
DRW Promotions.
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