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Why Pay?
The Paid versions provides:
Forms clear of ads
No 'powered by' logo on forms
No FormLogix post submit page
Unlimited Submissions
Enables file upload and unlimited storage
Includes SSL
Complete customization abilities
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Can I cancel my Subscription?
Yes you can - no questions asked.
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee within 30 days of signing up. If you are not satisfied during this 30 days period
simply contact us and your money will be refunded
How Do I Pay?
Paypal verified FormLogix is a verified vendor in PayPal and executes all payment transactions through it.

In order to purchase a subscription you first need to choose the most suitable package for yourself. Once you choose your subscription you will need to press on the relevant 'Order Now' button, which will redirect to PayPal so you can follow through with the payment.
Do You Provide Support?
The FormLogix form builder is easy to use, however we still offer our users a 24/7 premium support.
So if you have a question or encounter a problem simply contact us via email or our contact form.

To those who seek help, or want to learn about the tool we highly recommend using our 'Help Center' which contains useful manuals, FAQ and tutorials. Our 'How To' blog also addresses many issues while providing step by step instructions to achieving things.