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I cannot add to whats been said already. It's honestly amaaaaaazing software -
it didn't take me a second to get to know it.
I've wasted huge amounts of time looking for something only half as good as FormLogix,
and best of all - I never got to use it.
And then best of all is the fact that this software is FREE!!!! I'm still wondering what's the catch? In this life it is simply impossible to find ANYTHING OF THIS QUALITY FOR FREE!
There must be some hidden agenda.
Thank you to the designers, developers and all involved in this software.
May you end up extremely blessed and wealthy.
Anton J Jansen.
Private Magazine.
I can't believe that this could happen and I am very thankful to find this site.
It helps me a lot. Save time and also the cost.
Thank you very much and more power FormLogix.
Romel Morrie, SQPM.
Ce système est tout simplement génial !!!
Bravo et merci.
Gilles Benamo.
Nouvelle Marque.
Hi guys!
I'm a web designer and I've spent lots of time on coding registration forms, feedback forms, etc. Just now I came across this site and wonder y i wasted my time in coding all that stuff when everything here is readymade! Hatsoff to FormLogix team for their innovation!
Krishna Chaitanya.
Amazing. totally cool software, been looking for somehting like this for ages...
Well done guys, quality piece of software. i would even pay for this software, its so cool.
Hey guys!
You are GREATEST in forms! Best online form tools! Best ever!!!
Mantain that free and you'll have a lot of traffic in the future!
Respect you people!
I am new to formlogix, and must say that this is one the best websites
i have ever come across.
The concept is just amazing and revolutionary. I wonder why "Microsoft"
cant come up with such amazing ideas.
Keep up the good work.
I can't believe this is free. I have to pinch myself once in awhile.
Believe it when I say it that this is by far the best form maker out there.
If you don't want to deal with all the programming, then this is the product
for you. Best of all, IT'S FREE!
Great job guys.
David Kim, Network Administrator.
Anchor Loans.
I have been looking for a solution for a company I am doing some
contract work for throughout the week. The company provides free
seminars on landscaping and proper watering for the city's residents.
We were looking for a program or third party vendor to help provide
online registration so we could step back from the clerical end of data
entering every registrant.
The quotes I received ranged from $4.25 per registrant to $6,654 annual
fee for just this one program, which did not make any sense, considering
the programs are free and the department's budget is minimal.
We depend on a lot of community volunteers to meet the budget
requirements to provide this information to the community, especially
during the drought conditions in North Texas.
Your program has been a godsend this weekend!
Rochelle Fitzpatrick.
Custom Cornices of McKinney.
זאת הפעם הראשונה שאני משתמש בתוכנה והיא נראת לי סבבה
היא נוחה והממשק פשוט ונוח
...אני בונה אתרים במקצועי ואני מתכוון להשתמש בה מעכשיו
תודה לכם גיל.
גיל מוצפי.
.כל הכבוד לאתר שלכם
.הוספתי אליו קישור בתחתית הדף שלנו
Hey guys.... the form is simply superb! And working exactly as I wanted it to!
Sorry I was not able to write yesterday :) ...
I'm really happy with the functionality and how professional it looks.
Thanks again folks!!!!
Best regards,
Ravi Kalmady.
I like very friendly and a good site
to make free forms for website.
Ujjwal Thapar.
The FormLogix solution is incredible.
Dont let the price of FREE mislead you, we have tried a dozen or so
forms tools costing up to $500 each and none have comparred with FormLogix,
in either ease of use or functionality.
Thank you FormLogix.
Jerry Edwards.
This software is very powerful and user friendly.
It enables you to create powerful, customized, colorful forms very easily.
Best of all it is FREE.......
ps - the support staff are also real friendly.
Nigel Arding.
CanAm College. (
Thank you, Benny and all personnel of
To gain the confidence of creating awesome forms and applying your great
features has been inspirational for personnel of our New Zealand enterprise.
No longer are we newbies, but now knowledgable and creative at using your
forms to obtain a maximum effect on our site.
Whether it is creating survey forms, competitions forms or contact us forms,
the outcome is the same. Quality product, with exceptional support and service.
Thank you! again and wish all at formlogix a prosperous year for 2007.
The kiwiQUEST family - NZ.
The interface is incredibly easy to use. I love the drag and drop,snap to grid and
other addtional features. I wish there were more report building features.
Randal Reynolds, Network Manager.
United Methodist Homes.
I make custom trailers for rc boats, cars and trucks. I needed a form for
people to fill out to give them quotes.
I just love the ease and flexibilty of FormLogix. It integrated so easily
into my website.
FormLogix has made by business much easier by having all the information
I need to make accurate quotes. Thanks for a great product!
Rocky, Company Owner.
Whitebone Trailers.
Excellent tool.
I am loving it!!!!!!!!
If I can assist in any way, please ask.
Henk, Order manager.
I have worked with serval form utilities, but I have found that
Formlogix is better than the rest.
It has serval features, that I was looking for. File uploads, calendar
features and more. Great product, I will continue to tell others!
Nia Burnett, Director of Recruitments.
Dyme Dolls Online.
I love the service you provide. Your forms are easy to make and to use.
And you have been a great help to improve my forms.
Thanks for the super service!
Nancy Koper.
Site Counter is a fantastic tool, It made my website attractive.
Using this im getting easily feedback of the site which is really helping me.
Khan Olid.
The best online form solution.
formlogix is the most complete solution to create online forms without
knowing anything about programming.
It is one of the best web 2.0 tool in

formlogix es la solución más completa para crear formularios online sin
saber nada de programación.
Es una de las mejores herramientas web 2.0 ya comentadas en
Juan Diego
Hi, guys your latest release totally rocks it has all the features that
my company needed and now the forms on my sites really work.
your service is great thank you.
George L.
Hi, I did dilligence and found out that for me yours is the best web form page
out there.
Wish you a lot of success.
Carlos Blauman, Director.
שלום בני ,
רציתי להודיע שהסתדרתי והכל טוב הנה קישור לאתר
"הטופס נמצא בדף "שלח בעיה
.המון תודה וכמה טוב שהאתר קיים
.יומטוב - שלי :]
.שלי ס
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